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Thursday, February 03, 2005

emerge system segmentation core dump - - - Arrrgh!!!!

Lately I've been trying to upgrade my Gentoo installation. I have 2004.0 and It started out as a system upgrade of the latest packages. No luck, compiling glibc causes gcc to core dump. Next ,tried doing a proper migration/upgrade from 2004.0 to 2004.3, glibc is again causing the same problem. Looks like it's this bug.

The next option is to get the 2004.3 package iso(s) and install the x86 binaries before doing a custom build. There is an emerge option to download binary packages from a mirror but there aren't any binary download sites available, have I missed something ?


Managed to update gcc to 3.4.3 first. Using this the rest of the system ( including glibc ) compiled and updated safely.


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