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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Take a bow Dr.Gunatunga you are an individual

Living overseas it's hard to guage the day to day violence and death in the North and East of Sri Lanka and finding the truth is itself a challenge as each of the antagonists are out to create illusions of it. I usually await the UTHR(J) publications (last report) to clear the air. However, in this particular criminal act the truth appears to be a lot easier and transparent thanks primarily to one individual.

By all accounts 5 innocent students were intentionally killed in Trincomalee on the 2nd of January 2006 and attempts were made to frame these murders.
This was followed soon after by the killing on 2 January of five high school students from Sri Koneswara Hindu College and St Joseph's College in Trincomalee. Although the army first claimed they were killed by a grenade that the students were carrying, following a post mortem it was revealed that the students had been shot, three of them in the head. The President has ordered an inquiry into the killings. [link Amnesty]
As narrated by DBS Jeyaraj one individual stands out in his actions for the truth.
The truth however became known when the post - mortem and judicial inquiry was conducted. The Trincomalee Judicial Medical Officer Dr.Gamini Gunatunga conducted the post - mortem and ruled that all five dead victims had died due to gunshot injuries. Three had died of head injuries while the other two had succumbed to abdomen and chest injuries. The JMO however observed that some of the victims had injuries other than gunshot wounds too. But the fatal ones were from gunshots. [link via theacademic]
I for one would like to offer my thanks to Dr.Gunatunga for his actions and not caving in to any pressure applied by the criminal elements who comitted these acts in the name of the state. To me this is an ideal example of the difference an individual can make in times of overwhelming odds as well as the power of the truth when the judiciary is transparent. Now the question is, having ordered an inquiry into this incident will Mr.Rajapaskse stand up to seek justice.


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