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Friday, February 04, 2005

It's raining records


It's been rainning records in the last 24-48 hrs. I couldn't sleep well, the wind was gusting and thoughts of branches falling on the house kept the nightmares real. The city is usually known for it's four-seasons-in-a-day behavior but having a winter break in the middle of summer has been interesting.

Woke up to announcements asking people not to come into the city unless it was absolutely a necessity. That's a first for me. Apparently the roads around the city were under warter, electricity outages was playing havoc with traffic, trains, trams and vehicles were blocked by flash floods and fallen trees.

I did manage to ride to work in the morning avoiding most of the damage but on my way home a car park I ride across was divided in half by an uprooted tree. Hmmm... must learn how to jump fallen trees. Is this just a freakish storm or part of something bigger?...My bet it's a freak!

Apparently people find the term Climate Change less worrying than Global Warming. Have you heard any US Republicans use the G work lately ?



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