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Monday, April 04, 2005

A new travel destination?

Whenever you listen to someone promoting the benefits of a laissez faire free market based approach, almost inevitably they seem to use Adam Smith to give some credibility to their point of view. It turns out that he didn’t even say some of the stuff that many people claim. That's not to say he wasn't a giant in the enlightenment, because he was, but he was primarily a moral philosopher than an economist. I'm not sure if this new work is an attempt by the left to appropriate him for itself or if it's the usual case of the more digging you do the more you find, thus leading to a clearer and realistic picture.

It also
turns out that those Scots in Edinburgh played a large part in the enlightenment, at least larger than they have been so far credited for. A few recent books have come out shedding more light on their contributions, all the while having a drink or two at the pubs. I suspect this is going to make Edinburgh and Scotland a more fashionable travel destination. Would it offer enough to the imagination to dump Tuscany as a first choice?

Anyway, I've decided it's time I spent the next few months reading some of his work. May be I've chosen the wrong career as a software engineer, I seem spend way too much time on these sorts of topics rather than trying to fully understand everything that pops up at LtU. Or, may be it's just an engineer’s need for the rational and common sense.


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