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Thursday, March 17, 2005

a little something something ....

The problem of Downloading Democracy without the memes of democracy in the native cultures. Australias hand in racism towards the Japanese prior to WW2. How much of this contributed in the shift amongst the elite of Nippon, from the path of Racial Equality to this and WW2? On another note, is this OZ's biggest "arse licker" to the Energy Industry?

In a previous blog entry I commented on the JVP and Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Morquendi has started to analyze this in more depth. What was that about politics makes strange bedfellows.

The comedy festival is about to hit town and I'm looking forward to some laughs. I desperately need some. If you are in visiting don't forget to catch some Jazz over here. Remind me to blog about my alleged connection to that Prince gig.


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