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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Planes, suites and corporates

It's been a while since I caught a plane interstate around working hours. Today I had a chance and I had nearly forgotten how uniformed the corporate travellers are. Dark suites and light colour shirts/tops seem to cross the male-female divide. The styles of the suites and shirts might change but the dress code is roughly the same. Put this together with the laptop cases and black footwear and you tend to end up with the majority of corporate travellers. The IT guys are specially noticeable as they don't tend to wear jackets but branded shirts, chinos, PDAs and the omnipresent mobile phone placed in an easy to reach position on the body. ( Tablet PCs coming soon ?). Good looking seems to be a requirement in most cases too unless you are IT.

Being a non-customer facing, casually dressed, person I usually don't have to travel but when we have to visit customers/users on-site the dress code appears. What is it about this sort of clothing that attracts people to it? In many ways it is a uniform look eventhough these are not essential services personnel. I think it drives a perception of responsibility, structure and authority. So can the modern uniform display creativity?


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