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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Where is my kottu?

I digress. Somewhere in my teenage years kottu roti came into my life. After a game of cricket in the grounds of the local school or a particularly bruising game of what I now prefer to call fuugby (f**d up rugby) on gravel streets, the hood-rats, including myself, would head down for some kottu in a cafe at "thun mulla", which roughly translated to "triangular junction" in our locality. For about two years this was a regular occurrence and it remains to this day, clouded by pre-pubescent teenage eyes, the best kottu I have eaten. If we didn't have enough money we would share, otherwise each had their own.

These days I really miss my kottu roti. It's hard to find a good kottu joint in Melbourne. There are a few SL flavoured restaurants/take-aways/cafes that have it on their menus. However, to compare their servings to that in SL would be equivalent to comparing some of these MTV (c)rappers to PE. There is one small cafe on Swan Street in the heart of Richmond that produces a very good kottu. Kottu Roti has the potential to impact the aussie culinary culture/palette as much as the stir-fry did to introduce Chinese food. IMHO, it is the trojan horse of Sri Lankan cuisine.

I say: Go forth and open your eateries, multiply thyself into franchises and call them Roti Houses. Give them free recipes (with pretty pictures of course), show the overworked masses how to cook it in under 15 minutes, let the banging of the chopping plates make believers out of them. Put it on a trolley and wheel it to their tables, provide free ear-plugs and most importantly always have some coffee available and they will come.

I regress. The reason I wrote this is to let you know about A virtual community for Sri Lanka related bloggers. There is a drive to sign up more bloggers at the moment and if you choose to join tell them that I sent you.


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