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Sunday, April 17, 2005

comedy encore

My quest for laughs continued over the weekend as I caught the last days of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. A weekend of stand-up comics and dinners has taken its toll, next weekend is going to be a quite one.

The first act was Denise Scott a local comedian playing at a building called the Swiss Club. I guess it was a club for the Swiss migrants back in the day. Denise was funny but she tended to loose me at times in the middle of the show. Most of the crowd were mums and dads along with the 30+ but she chose to pick on James the only 14 year old in the audience. Given that her show was about local councils, I guess being a home owner helps. She's been nominated for the Barry and is apparently taking her show to the Edinburgh fest. I sure hope she gets more non-Oz material before that.

The next night I went to see Akmal Saleh a Sydney based stand-up comic. The show would have been funnier had it not been for two pissed girls who decided to steal the limelight by flashing their breasts. Now I don't have a problem with tits in my face but to a comic it seemed very distracting. They continued to be a nuisance and I was surprised they weren't thrown out. With a name like that he could easily get away with picking on islamic fundamentalists. The show had a mono-theistic multi-religious feel to it but overall he had the crowd laughing through the night. Would have liked to see a more structured show rather than a reliance on questions from the audience but I recommend him.

Next time somebody wants to show us your boobs please make sure you show it to the rest of the audience and not just the first row.


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