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Thursday, July 07, 2005


…one man’s terrorist another man’s freedom fighter ?

If they lived in a village in Darfur,
If we disagreed with our own,
If some are starving in North Korea,
If we were Tutsi in the 1993 of Rwanda,
If our right to vote did not exist,
If your mother caught a train to London today,
If she was a black living in apartheid,
If your lover worked in the fateful twin towers,
If his house was demolished in Zimbabwe,
If her house is still a Tsunami tent,
If our son is killed in a
Redfern chase,
If my religion leads to a correction camp

While I sleep on the way to school,
Will you be justified?

Another attack,
Another sign of the times,
Few thoughts many questions

It’s 10:35 PM and the preacher on TV is Rohan Gunaratna


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