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Monday, August 29, 2005

Something around

Some blogs and articles that drew my attention while the offline world has me occupied.

Sanjana acting as Hell's Dire Agent appeals to the much needed Cudgel of Reason in Sri Lankan politics. John Quiggin has a very interesting discussion about the merits of pursuing political objectives by the use of force. Don Arthur is blogging at catalaxxy on how think tanks( aka NGOs ) capture the mainstream political discourse by creating dissent and legitimacy for their causes. Some weeks ago the staple of anti-racism in the west, Guns Germs and Steel, came under the gaze of the blogosphere.

The biological basis for race and the lack of purity from the NYT. The conservative movement is looking at new directions. The nature / nuture of homosexuality is written up at The Boston Globe. With all this how do men reclaim our masculinity?


  • At 8:56 am AEST, Anonymous Ashanthi said…

    Hiya IVAP - well I'm very happy to be classifed semi-ozzie :-) - I am a citizen of the world now - obviously like a lot of us Sri Lankans these days.

    Interested in your photos because am hoping to organise a Tsunami fundraiser for the end of the year - refer back to Morq's blog.

    If you are able to supply just one photo that captures a success story of small grass roots NGO's work in Ceylon that would be great. I'm assuming of course that you visit SL regularily.

    I gather you live in Melbourne, so Hotham is not too far for you. I've been there many moons ago & it was fab. We actualy stayed at those stunning chalets!

    How do you find Melbourne - I believe there are many SL's living there. I wish I had more SL friends but I find that even Overseas people kind of mix on racial lines. Not everyone of course but most. Then of course there are divisions on party lines amongst the Sinhalese - mainly as a result of somebody knowing somebody who's somebody killed somebody...

  • At 11:10 pm AEST, Blogger ivap said…

    Citizen of the world, of Sri Lankan origin sounds better.

    So you have been to the snow in Australia. Melbourne is, in my biased opinion, the worlds best city. Probably OZs most cosmopolitan, multicultural, well designed city and suburbs with friendly people. There are a large number of sri lankans and a majority seem to settle in the south east suburbs (probably cheap housing). I have to agree, most migrants seem to stick to their social circles. This is common to many first generation migrants, not just to lankans.

    I haven't been to SL lately. Try some of the following sites for photos.



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