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Friday, July 08, 2005

A meme of books

Morquendi tagged me couple of weeks ago with the book meme. Finally got around to having some blogging time. How can this be a meme? It's sent out with intent unlike memes that spontaneously evolve through social dialogs. If anything its viral meme.

Total Number of Books I Own:

Currently the bookshelf contains about 150+ books, leaving out the books from my teenage days and library borrowings. I also abuse the work printers periodically on books from Project Gutenberg and the net. I was addicted to reading as a kid involving weekly trips to a small lending library in the backstreets of Nugegoda and regular visits to the second-hand bookshops near St.Josephs ( can't remember the area ). Oh yeah, these guys always offered overseas prOn mags from behind the counter. I lost interest in personal reading during the early years of migration and uni but thankfully recovered it afterwards. Don't get to read as much as I would like to and I need a new bookshelf.

Last Book I Bought:

   Liberalism in Australia - need to know more about Oz history.

Last Book I Read:

   As Above

Five Books That Mean A Lot To Me:

These are not the favourites (some are) but they have equally contributed from different perspectives.

1. Soul of a New Machine - Tracy Kidder

2. On Liberty - John Stuart Mill

3. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions - Thomas S Kuhn

4. Foundations of Computer Science - A V Aho & J D Ullman

5. The Diamond Age - Neal Stephenson

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